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WBO11“Barbara’s insights and compassion into our work together created a myriad of choices to whittle through.  I’m a “Big Brush” kinda gal and sometimes details are daunting to me.  I had never thought about paying close attention to the details of “Who I want to be” vs. “What I want to do…..” in my life.  Learning about personality nuances through resources like Strengths Finders 2.0, offered me informational insights when dealing with business and personal relationships.  I now see myself more closely than ever before. In addition,  I feel this magnification beginning to take place in many arenas of my life in both personally and professionally.”

“Thank you Barbara, I look forward to our continued work together.”
In Peace & Partnership,

when dealing with business and personal relationships. I now see myself more closely than ever before and feel my magnification beginning to take place in many arenas of my life.

“Thank you Barbara, I look forward to our continued work together.”

In Peace & Partnership,

Pixie Larizza, Artist & Holistic Counselor
Commissioner on the Mayor’s Commission for the Status of Women
Past President, Women Business Owners, 2011-2012
2008 Women In Business Pioneer Award Winner

Zelda Greenberg, SRES, SFR, CAM

Realtor | Author | Keynote Speaker | Podcast Host
Legacy Realty Group North Florida [founding member]


“We had a great meeting last month.  Thank you to Barbara Tolliver-Haskins for a wonderful presentation and her words of wisdom at our meeting last month.”

–Patsy Underwood, coordinator for Women’s Business Owners Beaches.  

“Barbara is an outstanding professional coach of whom I had the pleasure of working with over the past year and half. Barbara focuses on your development needs by giving you the mental tools to increase your confidence and courage to make changes.  Beyond the professional growth, Barbara’s insights and perspective encourages growth in your personal live too!  I strongly recommend Barbara to any manager or executive who wants to increase their performance in a trusting environment.”

Executive lawyer

“Barbara’s energy and enthusiasm showed her commitment to her clients. Everyone left with a really good feeling about themselves. We look forward to having her back again as a keynote speaker.”

Sheryl Lynn, Founder & CEO Local Applause Network

“ECS is the best investment I could have made as it relates to my business. The coaching process was exceptional, convenient ad substantive. If you don’t have ECS, you are truly not maximizing your business potential.”

Lakitisia Gaines, State Farm Agent, Miami, Florida

Mary Fisher“I had a 32% increase in fee income in 2007 and a 46% increase in net income. I attribute this to my great coach and friend Barbara Tolliver-Haskins who helped me set goals, make a marketing plan and be accountable for my own success.

Thank you so much.”

Mary Fisher, Mary Fisher Design, Jacksonville, Florida

“Barbara, what a wonderful two days we had during our HR Forum. I would like to extend my thanks for your contribution. What energy you have. I have actually started to implement the raising of my listening level to a “3” at work and at home. “

J. Norton, Jacksonville Florida

“I am experiencing real growth with Life Coaching. I feel positive and hopeful that I can make permanent changes in my life.”

B. A, Jacksonville, Florida

“I wanted to take a minute and thank you so very much. Our training was a huge success and I think that
Your inclusion was key to that result. Everyone was engaged and learned so much. I would love to include you in next year’s leadership training. “

— LH-Training Director  January 11, 2016