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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn an era of rapid change, the ability for an organization to demonstrate resilience is critical.  Over the past five years, mentoring has become an initiative driven word in the business environment. There are many reasons the word comes to mind, but the most significant today is the fact that good organizations are expected to thrive in the midst of rapid changes and an ever increasing competitive environment.  Coupled with this is the ongoing challenge associated with diversity.

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WBO11"Barbara's insights and compassion into our work together created a myriad of choices to whittle through.  I'm a "Big Brush" kinda gal and sometimes details are daunting to me.  I had never thought about paying close attention to the details of "Who I want to be" vs. "What I want to do….." in my life.  Learning about personality nuances through resources like Strengths Finders 2.0, offered me informational insights when dealing with business and personal relationships.  I now see myself more closely than ever before. In addition,  I feel this magnification beginning to take place in many arenas of my life in both personally and professionally.”

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Executive Coaching Solutions reinforces what sports experts have realized for years:  individualized attention with an emphasis on focus, talent and potential is a sure way to unlock an individual's full ability.  We are a results oriented firm, seeking businesses and individuals who desire to reinvent themselves, challenge the competition and maximize their potential.


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