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Our Focus

Our Theme-Our Passion-Our Beliefs

In an era of rapid technological change, the ability for leaders to be intricately engaged with colleagues, customers, clients, and associates is not optional.

Note the term “intricately engaged”, from our perspective it means, connecting with your associates in a way that demonstrates that you not only see them, but you respect their contributions, talents and desire to grow even more so that they too can become the future’s great leaders and contributors.

Executive Coaching Solutions (ECS) is built on the belief that leaders build great organizations when they understand what it takes to build and rebuild on the

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WBO11“Barbara’s insights and compassion into our work together created a myriad of choices to whittle through.  I’m a “Big Brush” kinda gal and sometimes details are daunting to me.  I had never thought about paying close attention to the details of “Who I want to be” vs. “What I want to do…..” in my life.  Learning about personality nuances through resources like Strengths Finders 2.0, offered me informational insights when dealing with business and personal relationships.  I now see myself more closely than ever before. In addition,  I feel this magnification beginning to take place in many arenas of my life in both personally and professionally.”

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Meet Barbara Tolliver-Haskins, Founder of Executive Coaching Solutions A Stunning, Awe-Inspiring, Compassionate, Strategic, World-Class Coach

As an accomplished organizational leader and prior successful executive for State Farm Insurance Companies, Barbara Tolliver-Haskins, was consistently recognized for her influence and sustained impact relative to the mentoring, training and development of aspiring leaders on a national basis. Her emphasis did not stop with leadership. Her passion and drive was intentionally directed to engage and include all individuals regardless of where they sat, or the positions they held.

With over 25 years of corporate senior level leadership experience, Ms. Tolliver-Haskins founded Executive Coaching Solutions

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