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Here are some pictures of the Girls Going Places event that took place on April 15th at the University of North Florida. The high school girls ranged from ages 15-18. While the focus was girls who dreamed of opening their own businesses, there were other girls included as well who were not quite sure what they wanted to do.

Barbara Tolliver-Haskins and Mary Fisher

Me and Mary

Barbara Tolliver-Haskins

How exciting to help these young ladies

Jean Shimp

Jean Shimp

Sheree Ellingson

Sheree Ellingson

The most exciting areas for me included my working with them to establish a budget once they achieved their dream job. They were provided a kit that included typical expenses and salaries for their respective careers.

They learned quite a bit about managing within their budgets. Desired cars went from BMW’s to used cars or riding the subway once they faced real world expenses. Other areas included designing a product, presenting it to the entire group and mentors and mentees rotating to tables allowing the girls to ask questions about their personal and professional experiences as Women Business Owners. They had very good questions.

These young ladies were very knowledgeable and as they presented their products there was quite about of emphasis on protecting the environment. (I was very impressed with their creative talents.)

There were over 100 girls in attendance. We had eight at each table along with two mentors.

Hope to see you next time!